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WeHireMac FAQs

Macbook Repair FAQs

How can I identify which model laptop I have?
> You can find the serial number and model number on the back panel. We can use either number to identify your Macbook. The print is usually quite small so taking a photo and enlarging can help.

How long does it take to get a screen replacement?
> If we have the screen you need in stock it can be done as quickly as 1hr. If not we can usually find the part and install within 24hrs.

What should I do if I spilt water on my Macbook?

> Follow these instructions and contact us once you've done all you can.

  • If the Macbook is on, switch it off immediately.
  • Unplug the MacBook charger and any accessories
  • Stop any more liquid getting onto or into the Macbook. Watch out for water that may be on the surface and prevent it running inside and potentially onto the logic board
  • Absorb the liquid on MacBook surface. A paper towel or cotton fabric is recommended and cotton buds can be used to clear vents and ports
  • Move the MacBook to a dry place
  • If you feel confident opening up you Macbook you can disconnect the internal battery and attempt to dry the internal components. Otherwise contact us and we will do it professionally
  • Before attempting to turn it on again we can inspect it to ensure it is fully dried
  • If after drying it won't turn on or there is a fault we can repair/replace any damaged components.

I updated my mac, and now it won't boot
> You may have updated to a new system not supported for your model. Contact us if you need help to get a compatible version installed.

I've lost my data, can you help?
> Depending on how it happened we may be able to recover part or all of your missing data using advanced data recovery tools. Contact us and we will be able to advise.

When I turn on my system I see a question mark, what does it mean?
> You're system or drive may be corrupted or damaged. We can install new software or replace faulty hard drives on most models.


Macbook Hire FAQs

What Is Your Minimum Rental Period?
> We offer daily, weekly and monthly Apple Mac Hire, all on a renewable basis.

Can You Deliver My Apple Mac?

> Absolutely, our one hour and same day delivery and collection service is extremely popular. If you are located further afield, we offer an affordable overnight delivery and collection service.

Do You Hire To Individuals?

> We highly value all of our clients, from individuals to large corporate companies.

Can I extend my Mac Hire?

> WeHireMac offers a flexible hire extension service. Should you wish to extend your agreed minimum hire term, we only charge you for the additional days you wish to extend for. In other words, if you are on a monthly agreement and arrange to keep your Apple Mac for 4 extra days, you will only be charged 4/30 of the monthly rate. Put simply, we do not lock you into a further full month of charges. 

Do you offer insurance?

> Yes, we offer optional insurance for all of our Apple Macs at 10 percent of your hired Apple Mac value. Most of our clients enjoy the inexpensive "peace of mind" that accidental damage protection brings.

Do You Offer An On-Site Set-Up Service?

> For some clients, equipment is only half the job. WeHireMac has an expert team of in-house engineers. No matter how complex, our on-site set-up service is carried out to an exacting standard.

Is My Data Safe?

> 100%, security is of paramount importance, all of your data is professionally removed upon return, without fail. 

Will My Mac Be Ready For Immediate Use?

> Of course, all our Apple Macs are supplied “Ready To Go”, with all common app’s installed. 

What Machines Can I Hire?
> WeHireMac! We have an extensive range of Apple Mac models for hire; iMacMacBook Pro & MacBook Air  All of which can be swiftly supplied according to your technical specification requirements.

Help! I Need A Mac Urgently  

> Let us take your stress away, please fill out our Quick Quote or call us on 020 8503 3131.





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